We had decided that we were not going to take engagement photos. I think it was because we thought that we did not need them, or that we could just take them ourselves if we wanted to. One of my bridesmaids, though, suggested that I take a look at a photographer that she had found on Groupon . It was such a great deal, and after checking out his website my fiancé and I really liked his photography. Everything looked good and we decided to book a photo session. I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect, or how the photos would turn out. In the end, he was really sweet and accommodating, and made us feel comfortable.

I am used to being behind the camera, and on the day of the session I was actually quite shy. I had to step out of my comfort zone.  It wasn’t so bad though because the photographer took us less than an hour to get all of his shots. The pictures were mostly candid, which I loved, because it felt so natural and I had my fiancé helping me out, making me feel more comfortable throughout the shoot. It was funny nerve-wracking at the same time. (I’m just remembering how shy I was taking these photos, as random people walked by).

A short time later we received the final photos. I had nothing to worry about, they were great!  So I shared them with my friends and posted them to Facebook, adding captions below them. I did it just for fun and to inspire some laughs. We got to know the photographer a little bit after the shoot, and (surprise), he turned out to be a lot of fun. He works as a cook, but is also building up his photography portfolio and is focusing on engagements, weddings and portraits.

Now that we have engagement photos, we can use them at our wedding. I love how they turned out. It definitely is nice to have something to remember special moments in your life, I’m glad we changed our minds. Thank you Chiu.

Photography by Chiu K Chou