Thank you to all our friends (you know who you are) that provided this photo booth as a gift. It was such a lovely surprise. We are both so grateful, you all are the sweetest, really!!! Lots of love. xoxo

My lovely review 😉 Dang Good Booths came to our wedding, but even before the special day, they were able to accommodate certain design elements (logo, template, backdrop etc.) that we wanted to use. On the day of, the staff were absolutely wonderful. They were so sweet to our guests and very easy-going when it came to set up. They were so kind and communicative, and they even dressed up with the same theme as our wedding (so sweet)!  We are very happy with the way everything, including the photos, turned out.  I would recommend them for any event in the future and for others.

I absolutely love these, and we wanted to share the entire photo album that they provided for us.  My husband and I really enjoyed looking through the photos, they sure did make us smile. 🙂 I hope that everyone who looks at these photos enjoys them just as much as we do!