I will not be running our wedding website any longer, but I decided that I wanted to keep some screenshots from my phone of how we laid everything out. This will possibly give you an idea how you can organize your wedding website.

We (my husband and I) wanted to have a simple template that fit to our wedding theme. We were able to find one and bought our website through www.squarespace.com. This website was simple and their customer service was great. They were very helpful with any questions that I had regarding our website. (The website has been taken down since the wedding is finished now.)

I’ll just give a bit of context for the screenshots.  The first image shows the simple landing page of the website, followed by the wedding invitation. The rest of the pages give specific details in regards to the wedding, which will obviously vary depending on the event.  The last few images show the wedding program, registry and RSVP.

As for the wedding invitations, we decided to send them via email.  Yes, its not the traditional way that people are used to, but for the most part we did not get any complaints and it really helped with keeping track of RSVP’s. It also really saved us money for postage, paper and most importantly, time! We created these invitations with Greenvelope, they had a very nice selection and I found it easy to use. I became aware of Greenvelope via the youtube channel of Lynette Cenée. The video was called HOW TO SAVE MONEY ON WEDDING INVITES. I am so happy she made it because it helped so much. I know you won’t see this but thank you! This was so helpful 🙂